Lost in Time in Las Cruces

Find Guía Back in Time

The following is a snapshot into a larger story of time travel through Southern New Mexico… 


Reese and Adam were making each other crazy in a way that only an 11-year-old girl and her 8-year-old brother can.

“I hate you and wish you’d run away!” Reese screeched.

Adam threw his toy motorcycle on the ground, turned around and ran into the museum.

“Dad, I’m never gonna finish my report if I have to babysit!”

“Siss, we’re busy, we need your help. Go get Bubby and tell him you’re sorry!” 

Val and I were super busy selling t-shirts at the Farmer’s Market. People loved them and we were probably going to sell out soon!

About a half an hour went by and no kids, but we were so busy at our booth we hadn’t had a chance to break away and neither of us realized how long it had been.

“I’m sure they’re fine, but I’m gonna run in real fast and check,” Val said.

She was gone 3 or 4 minutes before coming back frantic.

“They’re not in there!”


Reese charged into the museum and stomped her way back to the natural history side. Bubby saw her and ran deeper into the museum. She yelled and ran after him. An older man stepped in the way.

“Woh there kid, be careful in here, you never know what you might run into.” She stepped around him and saw Adam running into a room.

“Don’t go in there!” the old man yelled.

Reese chased her brother into the room and instantly tripped and fell into the dirt.


Something’s wrong she thought and she quickly turned around. “Where am I,” she cried as loud as you can when you have no breath.

“You’re at the Pico de Guía, Reese,” a soft and shaking voice said.

“You and Adam are stuck with us. You’ve accidentally discovered a mystery that we can’t solve.”

“We can’t be stuck. I have a performance tonight. Where’s Adam?” Reese demanded.

“Bubby is off on an expedition to try and solve the mystery of why we are stuck here,” the voice said.

“How do you know we call him Bubby? And how do I find him? I need to get back soon or we’re going to be in huge trouble,” Reese cried. 

“I can give you a guide and a stone. Follow Guía. You can rub your stone for help, but only once, so wait as long as you can,” the voice said.

A red owl flew out from the slot canyon below. A glowing door appeared but it was too hard and too bright to see what was inside. The owl flew through the door.

“Go Track Guía. Save Bubby and you save all of us,” the voice said.

Reese reluctantly stepped closer.

She closed her eyes and thought about her mom. She remembered her strength.

“I got this,” she said as she stepped through the door.