Guía is Your Guide


Guía – (pronounced: gee-ah) is Spanish for Guide


We couldn’t think of a better name for the guide we have designed to help you explore the New Mexican Outdoors. Guía is your Guide!

Explore New Mexico in a unique and exciting way by Tracking Guía throughout the New Mexican Outdoors. You will find her in every Adventure and she will help guide you to your destination.

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Guía’s Adventures can be simple or challenging! Each Adventure is a card with three ideas for how to explore the outdoors. Sometimes this is as easy as enjoying some time in your backyard, but hopefully, it will also include exploring the New Mexican Outdoors.


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At we believe everyone benefits from exploring the New Mexican Outdoors. New Mexico is like no other place on the planet. Whether you are looking for solitude or hanging out with others, NM offers you the outdoor adventure you’re looking for. Click here to look through our Adventures.


About VivaNM.US


NM 1563 was created to celebrate our love for the outdoors and history. We want to encourage you and your loved ones to explore the outdoors as well as learn the history of towns and cities throughout New Mexico.

With the continued growth of a fast-paced lifestyle people are taking to the outdoors to find solitude. Sometimes a little encouragement is needed to get up off the couch. That’s where our NM Tracker Membership comes in. We would like to be your guide to exploring our beautiful state by providing you with various ways you can enjoy the outdoors and learn about the history of New Mexico’s beautiful communities. While everyone can experience our free Adventures, NM Trackers will have access to unique Adventures, prizes, and items in our shop. Become a NM Tracker Today!


Vision | We envision a thriving New Mexico with perfect friendship among united cultures.


Mission | Our mission is to bring New Mexican culture to life by giving people an exciting way to experience it together.


Core Values

#VivaNM – Being in the NM outdoors improves your physical and mental health. Find easy ways to incorporate it into your regular routines.

#PerfectFriendship – Working together as a team in the outdoors helps you learn about yourself, about others, and how you can work together in a healthy way.

#1NM – As New Mexicans, we celebrate differences and pledge to unite cultures through perfect friendship.

#FindGuia – We explore and provide our guests with exciting and challenging ways to engage with NM people, culture and commerce.

#UnitedCultures – We invite you to join us in our celebration of the diversity of cultures that make up New Mexico. Become a #VivaNMTracker and help bring us together.


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