Achenbach Canyon Trail

Save Achenbach Canyon Trail

Achenbach Canyon is an incredible trail. When you reach the top you find a natural playground of rocks, trees, wildlife, and spring (this spring leads to a big waterfall, but there’s no access to see it, that we’re aware of). This trail is harder than the others in la Sierra de la Soledad so be careful. Also, if you reach the fence that says stay out, stay out. It’s best not to go exploring on the military base.

Unfortunately, access to Achenbach Canyon requires going through private property. One day that property may be developed and we will lose access to this amazing trail.

VivaNM is proud to support the effort to purchase the private land where access to this trail begins (up to 50% of your purchase will be donated – see below). The Wilderness Land Trust is under contract to purchase the 109-acre property, which will prevent future residential development and protect public access to the canyon trail. The total purchase price of the property is $765,000. To date, the Trust has raised $690,000 and is actively raising the remaining $75,000 before the closing deadline.

You can help!

To learn more or make a generous contribution in support of this project, please contact:
Brad Borst, President
206-842-1214 (office) | 206-397-5240 (cell)

Achenbach CanyonBuy a shirt, donate to the cause! 

VivaNM will be donating 25% of all online purchases to the project. In addition, 50% of all Save Achenbach shirts will go to saving the trail.

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